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Nansemond Indian Tribal Association NITA

New Enrollment

In order to qualify for tribal membership your Nansemond heritage must be proven. If you are of Nansemond descent, you can download an application by clicking here.  Also see Application example page.

Simply print the application, fill it out and send it to the address below along with copies of:

Please do not send original documents, as we may be unable to return them to you.  Also, please do not send us books on all people.  We know our history and ancestors and do not need copies.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.   

If you qualify for membership and are approved by council, the $25 fee will apply to your first year of enrollment as an active member in the tribe.

Some of the benefits of enrollment are:

Due to the many e-mails and phone calls requesting information on how to become a member of the tribe, we have decided to post the requirements on our web site. The Tribal Roll of the Nansemond Indian Tribe of Virginia is open for anyone to become a member of the tribe, if they meet the requirements that has been established in our Constitution & Bylaws. We want all people of legally documentable direct Nansemond Indian heritage to become members of the tribe if that is their desire.

First let us make this "STATEMENT". We do not go by any blood percentage to prove you are Indian, but rather a direct, documentable link to a person(s) who have been legally documented as Nansemond Indians. While some people may have had Nansemond blood, we cannot accept any members without legal documentation and link to a legally documentable Nansemond Indian. We do not have the time nor resources to do your genealogy for you. At all times throughout the membership application process, the burden of proof to establish eligibility for membership shall rest with the applicant. No applications will be processed without supporting legal documentation and a complete application.


Another requirement for Tribal Membership is a letter from you.  In the letter, you need to state why you want to join the Tribe and more importantly what you plan to do to support and participate with the Tribe.  By asking to be a member, you are stating that you want to be a part to help preserve and work to do what you can to see the Tribe succeed.  Being a member of the Tribe has obligations to support it.  Let them know if you have a special skill or talent that could be useful to the Tribe.  

Note: Due to errors associated with previously published genealogical books on some of our families, they are not acceptable as "legal documentation".  The lines descending from John Bass (wife Love Harris) and Richard Bass (wives Mary Bryant & Jane Burwell) are not currently eligible for membership.

Existing Members

If you need to change, or update any of your enrollment information (address, etc...), please contact us by using the contact us form to send us your updated information.


Members may pay dues online here.